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1 Efficient hyperentanglement purification   using a Lambda system coupled with a whispering-gallery-mode microresonator JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA   B-OPTICAL PHYSICS 期刊 09-DEC-20 王铁军,施畅,陈德智 2.18
2 Photon excitation and photon-blockade   effects in optomagnonic microcavities PHYSICAL   REVIEW A 期刊 09-DEC-20 高永潘,王铁军,刘晓斐,王川,曹聪 2.777
3 164   fs mode-locked erbium-doped fiber laser based on tungsten ditelluride NANOPHOTONICS 期刊 16-DEC-20 刘文军 7.491
4 A   Data-Driven Random Subfeature Ensemble Learning Algorithm for Weather   Forecasting COMMUNICATIONS   IN COMPUTATIONAL PHYSICS 期刊 28-OCT-20 温晗秋子,余晨,李昊辰,夏江江,张平文 2.607
5 A   Fully Symmetrical Quantum Key Distribution System Capable of Preparing Chinese   Physics Letters 期刊 19-NOV-20 马海强,孙钟齐,韩雁鑫,屈文秀,黄雨晴,李振华,窦天琦,周芬,杨舜禹,王吉鹏 1.08
6 A   Hybrid Multiobjective GRASP for a Multi-row Facility Layout Problem with   Extra Clearances International   Journal of Production Research 期刊 15-OCT-20 万兴,左兴权,赵新超,李晓东 4.577
7 A   New Deep Neural Architecture Search Pipeline for Face Recognition IEEE   Access 期刊 22-JUL-20 朱宁,于泽宽,寇彩霞 3.745
8 A   Probabilistic Proof of a Recursion Formula for Sums of Powers AMERICAN   MATHEMATICAL MONTHLY 期刊 29-SEP-20 胡细宝 0.426
9 A   scheme to generate 16QAM-OFDM vector mm-wave signal based on a single MZM   without optical filter and precoding Optics   Communications 期刊 30-AUG-20 张晓光,席丽霞,王东飞,张文博,张虎,唐先锋 2.125
10 AmplificationofAbsorptionInducedbyLocalizedSurfacePlasmons   inSuperconductingNanowireSingle-PhotonDetector Plasmonics 期刊 03-NOV-20 焦荣珍 2.335
11 Analysis   of decoy-state measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution system International   Journal of Quantum Information 期刊 03-NOV-20 焦荣珍 1.176
12 Annealing-Free   Platinum?Cobalt Alloy Nanoparticles on Nitrogen-Doped Mesoporous Carbon with   Boosted Oxygen Electroreduction Performance ChemElectroChem 期刊 07-DEC-20 张茹,王永钢,何贤,雷鸣,王茹玥,许鹏富,黄凯,唐浩林,杨胡江 4.154
13 Anomalous   Hall effect in a ferromagnetic Fe3Sn2 single crystal with a geometrically   frustrated Fe bilayer kagome lattice PHYSICAL   REVIEW B 期刊 29-OCT-20 孙姗姗,雷和畅,庞斐,张晓,王琦 3.575
14 Area   Integral Characterization of Hardy space H-L(1) related to Degenerate   Schrodinger Operators ADVANCES   IN NONLINEAR ANALYSIS 期刊 22-JUL-20 刘宇,李澎涛,黄际政 2.667
15 Atomic   species derived CoOx clusters on nitrogen doped mesoporous carbon as advanced   bifunctional electro-catalysts for Zn-air battery Energy   Storage Materials 期刊 27-JUL-20 缑慧阳,杜鹏,魏呵呵,龙圆正,雷鸣,伍晖,邓铂翰,葛炳辉,张茹,黄凯,王茹玥,王浩,赵仕敬 16.28
16 Binary   sequence matching system based on cross-phase modulation and four-wave mixing   in highly nonlinear fibers Optical   Engineering 期刊 26-NOV-20 黄善国,唐颖,刘禹,石子成,李新 1.113
17 Bisection   and Exact Algorithms Based on the Lagrangian Dual for a Single-Constrained   Shortest Path Problem IEEE\ACM   Transactions on Networking 期刊 22-JUL-20 寇彩霞,艾文宝,胡德栋,袁健华 3.315
18 Boosting   the?electrochemical performance of?mesoporous NiCo 2 O 4 oxygen evolution   catalysts by?facile surface modifying Applied   Physics A 期刊 07-DEC-20 王茹玥,王永钢,赵泽璧,杜鹏,黄凯,何贤,黄银丹,杨胡江,孙骁腾 1.81
19 Capacity   & perimeter from \alpha-Hermite bounded variation Calculus   of Variations and partial differential equations 期刊 25-OCT-20 李澎涛,刘宇,黄际政 1.526
20 Catalytic   activity for hydrogen evolution reaction in square phase Janus MoSSe   monolayer: A first-principles study Physica   E 期刊 06-NOV-20 张云禛,叶寒,赖晓雄,刘文军,郑雅楠,刘玉敏,向欣爽 3.57
21 Characteristics   of electric quadrupole and magnetic quadrupole coupling in a symmetric   silicon structure NEW   JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 期刊 22-OCT-20 于丽,马睿,刘玉敏,俞重远,刘昌,叶寒,李婧,伍铁生,陈蕾 3.539
22 Chirality   Breaking and Chirality Recovery in the Blue-Detune Trapping System Based on   Surface Plasmons Involving a Chiral Molecule Analyzed by FDTD Simulation Plasmonics 期刊 14-AUG-20 焦荣珍,邹云飞,于丽,宋钢 2.335
23 Complex   network routing strategy based on segmented transportation distance limit Modern   Physics Letters B 期刊 17-AUG-20 李元昊,卓新建,李慧嘉 1.224
24 Concentration-of-Measure   Theory for Structures and Fluctuations of Waves PHYSICAL   REVIEW LETTERS 期刊 17-OCT-20 方萍,Chushun   Tian,Liyi Zhao 8.385
25 Control   power of high-dimensional controlled teleportation PHYSICAL REVIEW A 期刊 09-DEC-20 王川,杨冠群,王铁军 2.777
26 CoO/TiN   nanowires array as an effective self-supported catalyst for oxygen evolution   reaction Materials   Letters 期刊 24-DEC-20 牟迪,甘云海,王永钢,黄凯,杨胡江,张茹,王茹玥 3.204
27 Couple  Fuzzy Covering Rough Set Models and Their   Generalizations to CCD Lattices International   Journal of Approximate Reasoning 期刊 22-AUG-20 马利文 2.678
28 Critical   behavior and magnetocaloric effect in monoclinic Cr5Te8 JOURNAL   OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS 期刊 03-NOV-20 雷鸣,焦荣珍,薛钦予,于天麟,张晓 4.65
29 Critical   exponents and the universality class of a minesweeper percolation model International   Journal of Modern Physics C 期刊 10-DEC-20 刘卯鑫 1.228
30 Cross-coupling   effect induced beam shifts for polarized vortex beam at two-dimensional   anisotropic monolayer graphene surface Optics   Express 期刊 31-AUG-20 张虎,陈泽,张文博,席丽霞,张晓光,李慧 3.669
31 Darboux   transformation for a generalized Ablowitz-Kaup-Newell-Segur hierarchy   equation PHYSICS   LETTERS A 期刊 16-DEC-20 刘文军 2.278
32 Defect   Engineering in Lead Zirconate Titanate Ferroelectric Ceramic for enhanced   Electromechanical Transducer Efficiency Advanced   Functional Materials 期刊 09-OCT-20 汤浩正,韩冰,李昭,赵纯林,毕科,徐泽,程月雨杉,张云帆,周朕,刘亦轩,王轲,陈峰,王世红 16.836
33 Design   of a low-filling-factor and polarization- sensitive superconducting nanowire   single photon detector with high detection efficiency Photonics Research 期刊 03-NOV-20 焦荣珍,李德志 6.099
34 Designing   strained C2N/GaTe(InTe) heterostructures for photovoltaic and photocatalytic   application Journal   of Alloys and Compounds 期刊 27-JUL-20 王小龙,唐亚楠,戴宪起,唐为华,王洋洋,屈贺如歌 4.65
35 Dispersion   Analysis of Multi-symplectic Scheme for the Nonlinear Schr?dinger Equations Acta   Mathematicae Applicatae Sinica, English Series 期刊 28-OCT-20 李昊辰,Xue-jun   He,Hang Ye,孙建强 0.791
36 Dromion-like   structures and periodic wave solutions for variable-coefficients complex   cubic-quintic Ginzburg-Landau equation influenced by higher-order effects and   nonlinear gain NONLINEAR   DYNAMICS 期刊 16-DEC-20 刘文军 4.867
37 Dynamical   clustering in electronic commerce systems via optimization and leadership   expansion IEEE   Transactions on Industrial Informatics 期刊 22-DEC-20 曹杰,卜湛,王震,李慧嘉 9.112
38 Dynamics   in the Sakaguchi-Kuramoto Model with bimodal frequency distribution plos   one 期刊 19-SEP-20 郭双建,代琼琳,杨俊忠,李海红,谢远 2.74
39 Efimov   physics in the presence of a Fermi sea PHYSICAL   REVIEW A 期刊 12-OCT-20 崔晓玲,孙明远 2.777
40 Electronic   correlation in the quasi-two-dimensional electride Y2C PHYSICAL   REVIEW B 期刊 29-OCT-20 H.   Hosono,S. Otani,R. Kadono,K. M. Kojima,S. Matsuishi,M. Hiraishi,H. Okabe,S.   Takeshita,张晓,K. Hirata,I. Yamauchi,A. Koda,N. Ohashi 3.575
41 Enhanced   circular dichroism of TDBC in a metallic hole array structure Chinese   Physics B 期刊 14-AUG-20 宋钢,叶起惠,何田田 1.223
42 Enhanced   photon blockade in quadratically coupled optomechanical system Europhysics   Letters 期刊 23-JUL-20 王川,高永潘,王铁军,庞廷田,王凯 1.886
43 Entangled   chimeras in nonlocally coupled bicomponent phase oscillators: From   synchronous to asynchronous chimeras Frontiers   of Physics 期刊 04-SEP-20 杨凯,代琼琳,刘小宣,谢发根,李海红,杨俊忠,程洪艳 2.502
44 Exact   Algorithms Based on the Lagrangian Dual for a Single-Constrained Shortest   Path Problem IEEE/ACM   TRANSACTIONS ON NETWORKING, VOL. 28, NO. 1 期刊 09-DEC-20 寇彩霞,袁健华,艾文宝,胡德栋 3.315
45 Existence   of non-Cayley Haar graphs European   Journal of Combinatorics 期刊 24-JUL-20 杨大伟 0.848
46 Experimental   Observation of a Time-Driven Phase Transition in Quantum Chaos PHYSICAL   REVIEW LETTERS 期刊 17-OCT-20 方萍,Chushun   Tian,Adam Ran?on,Jean-Claude Garreau,Jean-Fran?ois Cl′ement,Pascal   Szriftgiser,Cl′ement Hainaut,Radu Chicireanu 8.385
47 Exploring   the trust management mechanism in self-organizing complex network based on   game theory Physica   A 期刊 22-DEC-20 Qian   Wang,Shenfeng Liu,Jun Hu,李慧嘉 2.924
48 Extending   characteristic relations on an incomplete data set by the three-way decision   theory International   Journal of Approximate Reasoning 期刊 07-DEC-20 朱萍,陈莹霄 2.678
49 Extension   of Campanato-Sobolev type spaces associated with Schrodinger operators ANNALS   OF FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS 期刊 22-JUL-20 李澎涛,黄际政,刘宇 0.74
50 Fabrication   and characterization of Mg-doped epsilon-Ga2O3 solar-blind photodetector Vacuum 期刊 27-JUL-20 李浩然,吴真平,黄元琪,张楚昂,郭道友,唐为华,刘增,李培刚,江为宇 2.906
51 Fast   gradient methods with alignment for symmetric linear systems without using   Cauchy step Journal   of Computational and Applied Mathematics 期刊 08-OCT-20 Frederic   Magoules,邹秦萌 2.037
52 Fe   doping stabilized γ-Ga2O3 thin film with high room temperature saturation   magnetic moment Journal   of Materials Chemistry C 期刊 27-JUL-20 卢侠,黄元琪,于杰,郭道友,高昂,李培刚,张晓,唐为华,黄雅蕾,李山 7.059
53 Ferromagnetic   van der Waals Crystal VI3 Journal   of the American Chemical Society 期刊 29-OCT-20 张建丰,张晓,田尚杰,雷和畅,李世燕,李承贺,应天平 14.612
54 Flexible   and highly stable solar-blind photodetector based on room-temperature   synthesis of amorphous Ga2O3 film Journal   of Physics D: Applied Physics 期刊 08-SEP-20 余杰,王月晖,肖舒雅,陈之阳,邓寅,吴真平,唐为华 3.169
55 Flexible   and Rewritable Non-Volatile Photomemory Based on Inorganic Lanthanide-Doped   Photochromic Thin Films Advanced   Optical Materials 期刊 08-SEP-20 陈海生,张杨,陈雯雯,吴真平,杜晓娜,刘维维,陈平,董振刚,孙卢,赵亚楠 8.286
56 Fractional   heat semigroups on metric measure spaces with finite densities and   applications to fractional dissipative equations NONLINEAR   ANALYSIS-THEORY METHODS & APPLICATIONS 期刊 22-JUL-20 李澎涛,石少广,黄际政,刘宇 1.587
57 Gravity-magnetic   cross-gradient joint inversion by the cyclic gradient method Optimization   Methods and Software 期刊 28-OCT-20 孙聪,王彦飞 1.431
58 Ground   state superconducting pair correlations in twisted bilayer graphene Modern   Physics Letters B 期刊 09-DEC-20 梁颖,马天星,黄通昀,张陆峰 1.224
59 Hidden   thermal structure in Fock space PHYSICAL   REVIEW E 期刊 17-OCT-20 Jiao   Wang,方萍,Chushun Tian,Kun Yang,Hai-Jun Zhou 2.296
60 High   Power Efficiency and Dynamic Range Analog Photonic Link with Suppressed   Dispersion-Induced Power Fading Journal   of Lightwave Technology 期刊 28-SEP-20 苏忠翰,宋锡耀,黄善国,白云平,高欣璐,宋春奇,雷明政   ,郑桢楠 4.288
61 High   Temperature Virial Expansion to Universal Quench Dynamics PHYSICAL   REVIEW LETTERS 期刊 12-OCT-20 翟荟,孙明远,张芃 8.385
62 High-rate   measurement device-independent quantum key distribution system International   Journal of Quantum Information 期刊 03-NOV-20 焦荣珍 1.176
63 Interactions   between a single metallic nanoparticle and chiral molecular J-aggregates in   the strong coupling regime and the weak coupling regime Nanotechnology 期刊 14-AUG-20 焦荣珍,宋钢,郭佳琦,于丽,段高燕 3.551
64 Intermediate   phase in interacting Dirac fermions with staggered potential Physical   Review B 期刊 09-DEC-20 张陆峰,梁颖,陈巧妮,王婧瑶,马天星,马润宇 3.575
65 Intrinsic-strain-induced   curling of free-standing two-dimensional Janus MoSSe quantum dots Applied   Surface Science 期刊 06-NOV-20 王明超,尹越峰,刘文军,张云禛,刘玉敏,韩德隆,危安然,叶寒 6.182
66 Invariance   Principle for Wave Propagation inside Inhomogeneously Disordered Materials PHYSICAL   REVIEW LETTERS 期刊 23-JUL-20 方萍 8.385
67 Large   magnetocaloric effect in van der Waals crystal CrBr3 Frontiers   of Physics 期刊 03-NOV-20 田尚杰,张晓,余骁昀,徐坤,石奇,雷和畅,Hideo   Hosono 2.502
68 Latency-Aware   Task Peer Offloading on Overloaded Server in Multi-access Edge Computing   System Interconnected by Metro Optical Networks Journal   of Lightwave Technology 期刊 28-SEP-20 杨晨,储雅琴,尹珊,黄善国,张展 4.288
69 Layered   AuTe2Se4/3 for a stable nanosecond Q-switched fiber laser OPTIK 期刊 16-DEC-20 刘文军 2.187
70 Layered   transition metal electride Hf2Se with coexistence of two-dimensional anionic   d-electrons and Hf-Hf metallic bonds Chinese   Physics Letters 期刊 15-DEC-20 曹新宇,孙畅,王西惠,张晓,袁宇杰 1.08
71 Machine   Learning-based Weather Support for the 2022 Winter Olympics Advances   in Atmospheric Sciences 期刊 23-JUL-20 Min   CHEN,Lizhi WANG,Jiang ZHU,Lve WU,Lihao GAO,Chen YU,Jiarui HAN,Zaiwen   Wang,Yanyan KANG,Pingwen ZHANG,李昊辰,Zhongwei YAN,Yingxin ZHANG,Xiao   LOU,Guangxiang ZHU,Jiangjiang XIA,Lei JI 2.583
72 Magnon-induced   chaos in an optical PT-symmetric resonator PHYSICAL   REVIEW E 期刊 09-DEC-20 刘晓斐,徐文玲,王川,高永潘,王铁军,孙洋 2.296
73 Magnons   scattering induced photonic chaos in the optomagnonic resonators Nanophotonics 期刊 26-NOV-20 曹聪,王铁军,高永潘,段予文,庞廷田,王川,刘晓斐 7.491
74 Massive   fermions with low mobility in antiferromagnet orthorhombic CuMnAs single   crystals PHYSICAL   REVIEW B 期刊 29-OCT-20 雷和畅,孙姗姗,张晓 3.575
75 MOEA/D   With Linear Programming for Double Row Layout Problem With Center-Islands IEEE   Transactions on Cybernetics 期刊 15-OCT-20 张青富,万兴,左兴权,李伟平,赵新超,李雪晴 11.079
76 Multiple-soliton   and lump-kink solutions for a generalized (3+1)-dimensional   Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation RESULTS   IN PHYSICS 期刊 16-DEC-20 刘文军 4.019
77 Narrow-gap   semiconducting properties of KMgBi with multiband feature PHYSICAL   REVIEW B 期刊 29-OCT-20 张晓,孙姗姗,雷和畅 3.575
78 New   stepsizes for the gradient method Optimization   Letters 期刊 28-OCT-20 刘锦鹏,孙聪 1.502
79 NiPS3   quantum sheets modified nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon with boosted   bifunctional oxygen electrocatalytic performance Journal   of Materials Science & Technology 期刊 16-OCT-20 伍晖,郭建刚,宋艳鹏,雷鸣,龙圆正,黄凯,魏呵呵,唐浩林,王茹玥,许煜阳 6.155
80 Nonlinear   control for soliton interactions in optical fiber systems NONLINEAR   DYNAMICS 期刊 03-DEC-20 胡成,刘文军,张沛,Anjan   Biswas,周勤 4.867
81 On   cubic symmetric non-Cayley graphs with solvable automorphism groups Discrete   Mathematics 期刊 24-JUL-20 杨大伟 0.77
82 On   groups all of whose Haar graphs are Cayley graphs Journal   of Algebraic Combinatorics 期刊 09-DEC-20 冯衍全,杨大伟,Istavan   Kovacs 0.805
83 On   the Areas of the Minimal Triangles in Veech Surfaces Acta   Mathematica Scientia 期刊 24-JUL-20 钟裕民 0.919
84 On   the optimality of reflection control Operations   Research 期刊 22-JUL-20 Hengqing   Ye,David D.  Yao,杨建奎 2.43
85 Optical   magnetic sensing using whispering-gallery mode optomagnonical cavity IEEE   Sensors Journal 期刊 10-SEP-20 徐文玲,庞廷田,郑世慧,王川,高永潘 3.073
86 Optimal   estimation of low-rank factors via feature level data fusion of multiplex   signal systems IEEE   Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering 期刊 18-AUG-20 裴剑,曹杰,石勇,李慧嘉,王震 4.935
87 Optimization   of identifiability for efficient community detection New   Journal of Physics 期刊 22-DEC-20 Wang   Lin,Zhang, Yan,Perc,Matjaz,李慧嘉 3.539
88 Parameter   estimation in the Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting method using   gradient iterations Numerical   Linear Algebra with Applications 期刊 08-OCT-20 Frederic   Magoules,邹秦萌 1.373
89 Parameter   estimation in the Hermitian and skew-Hermitian splitting method using   gradient iterations Numerical   Linear Algebra with Applications 期刊 06-NOV-20 邹秦萌,Frederic   Magoules 1.373
90 Photonic   filterless scheme to generate V-band OFDM vector mm-wave signal without   precoding Optics   Communications 期刊 30-AUG-20 赵佳,涂明亮,张晓光,江昕,丁敏,王东飞,张文博,唐先锋,席丽霞 2.125
91 Physical   properties of quaternary compounds Gd2CoAl4T2 (T = Si, Ge) single crystals Frontiers   of Physics 期刊 29-OCT-20 雷和畅,孙元帅,孙姗姗,张晓,黄凯健 2.502
92 Plasmonic   band-stop filters based on tooth structure Optics   Communications 期刊 03-NOV-20 焦荣珍 2.125
93 Plasmonic   superlattices constructed by coupling electronic systems with metal   nanoparticle arrays Journal   of the Optical Society of America B 期刊 09-DEC-20 张梦溪,孙杰,阎结昀阎结昀 2.18
94 Polarization   demultiplexing scheme for probabilistic shaping Stokes vector direct   detection system using extended Kalman filter Optics   Communications 期刊 31-AUG-20 张晓光,张楠楠,李雪,郑子博,张虎,唐先锋,张文博,席丽霞,崔楠 2.125
95 Population   rate coding in recurrent neuronal networks consisting of neurons with mixed   excitatory–inhibitory synapses Nonlinear   Dynamics 期刊 24-JUL-20 司皓,孙晓娟 4.867
96 Precisely   controlled carbothermal synthesis of spherical β-Si3N4 granules ceramics   international 期刊 22-JUL-20 kexin   chen,孙思源,zhipeng xie 3.83
97 Preparating   Quantum Entanglement Between Microtoroidal-Resonator–Mediated   Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond International   Journal of Theoretical Physics 期刊 22-OCT-20 王泰安,冯帅,张勇 1.347
98 Q-switched   all-fiber laser based on titanium trisulfide OPTIK 期刊 16-DEC-20 刘文军 2.187
99 Quaternary   antiferromagnetic Ba2BiFeS5 with isolated FeS4 tetrahedra Chinese   Physics B 期刊 21-OCT-20 张晓,雷和畅,王少华 1.223
100 Rapid   and non-invasive screening of high-risk human papillomavirus using Fourier   transform infrared spectroscopy and multivariate analysis Optik 期刊 22-JUL-20 尹龙飞,吴国华,默会霞,郑向向,杨柳 2.187
101 Rapid   Thermal Annealing toward High-Quality 2D Cobalt Fluoride Oxide as an Advanced   Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalyst ACS   Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 期刊 27-JUL-20 杜慧芳,赵泽璧,龙圆正,郭伟,黄凯,杜鹏,伍晖,魏呵呵,林森,王茹玥,王浩,雷鸣 7.632
102 Recent   Advances of 2D Materials in Nonlinear Photonics and Fiber Lasers ADVANCED   OPTICAL MATERIALS 期刊 16-DEC-20 刘文军 8.286
103 Reducing   the effect of global synchronization in delayed gradient methods for   symmetric linear systems Advances   in Engineering Software 期刊 08-OCT-20 Frederic   Magoules,邹秦萌 3.884
104 Retinal   image synthesis from multiple-landmarks input with generative adversarial   networks Biomedical   Engineering Online 期刊 22-JUL-20 寇彩霞,蒙佳浩,向晴,Yanye   Lu,QiuShi Ren,于泽宽 2.059
105 Robust   neural network receiver for multiple-eigenvalue modulated nonlinear frequency   division multiplexing system Optics   Express 期刊 17-AUG-20 郑子博,席丽霞,杜树成,魏嘉诚,张旭论,张晓光,张文博,吴越 3.669
106 Saturable   absorption properties and femtosecond mode-locking application of titanium   trisulfide APPLIED   PHYSICS LETTERS 期刊 16-DEC-20 刘文军 3.597
107 Scalable   multi-qubit quantum gates in quantum networks based on the   microtoroidal-resonator-mediated nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond journal   of the optical society of america B 期刊 22-OCT-20 王泰安,张勇 2.18
108 Silver   nanowires with different concentration for Q-switched fiber lasers OPTICAL   MATERIALS EXPRESS 期刊 16-DEC-20 刘文军 3.064
109 SnSSe   as a saturable absorber for an ultrafast laser with superior stability OPTICS   LETTERS 期刊 16-DEC-20 刘文军 3.714
110 Solitons   and breathers for a generalized nonlinear Schrodinger equation via the binary   Bell polynomials MATHEMATICS   AND COMPUTERS IN SIMULATION 期刊 09-DEC-20 江彦,屈启兴 1.62
111 Some   lump solutions for a generalized (3+1)-dimensional Kadomtsev-Petviashvili   equation APPLIED   MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION 期刊 16-DEC-20 刘文军 3.472
112 Space   charge regulated high-k polymer nanocomposite with a novel  sandwich structure Composites   Part B: Engineering 期刊 15-OCT-20 毕科,蔡子明,郭丽敏,刘一文,王任玉,郝亚楠,张家萌 7.635
113 Squeezing   based analytical variational method for the biased quantum Rabi model in the   ultrastrong coupling regime Journal   of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 期刊 10-DEC-20 刘卯鑫 1.996
114 Stable   soliton propagation in a coupled (2+1) dimensional Ginzburg-Landau system CHINESE   PHYSICS B 期刊 16-DEC-20 刘文军 1.223
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